Bread Dahi Bhalla Recipe in Just 2 minutes

Bread Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Ever you listen about Bread Dahi Bhalla? If you think making Dahi Vadas was a tedious exercise, here’s a breather . A very famous street food, this easy recipe is made using brown bread, yogurt and imli chutney. Try this snack recipe with evening tea and relish it’s traditional flavor.

Bread dahi vada is a quick and delicious version of the original dal – lentil vadas.  There is no soaking of lentil required, no grinding and no frying required; this is an instant version of dahi vada. This can be served as a snack or appetizer.

So Bread Dahi Bhalla will come out as perfect easy lite snack. No one can judge whether to make this dahi bhalla after the efforts of hours, or in just 2 minutes with bread.

This recipe comes handy when we have left over bread and no one eating or if you have old bread you can use that too to make this vadas.

Bread Dahi Bhalla Ingredients

  • Bread- 4 slices (Each slice for 1 bhalla)
  • Lassi or Butter milk- 1/2 glass (To make bread wet)

For Filling

  • Raisins (Kishmish)- 8-10
  • Cashew- 3-4 (chopped)
  • Grated Coconut- 2 tbs

For Presentation

  • Curd
  • Salt, Jeera Powder & Red Chilli Powder
  • Fresh Fruits (Chopped)

Recipe Steps of Bread Dahi Bhalla

  1. Firstly cut all brown edges of bread slices.
  2. Now dip one bread in lassi (it should not be sour in taste), or you can also dip bread in milk.
  3. After that on a wet bread slice, put 2 raisins, some cashew pieces and grated coconut. Put all them in center of bread.
  4. Fold bread in a way that it comes in a form of round bhalla.
  5. Keep that bhalla in small serving bowl, pour curd on it. Whist curd before adding to bhalla.
  6. Now add tamarind sauce (imli ki chutney) and green sauce on it.
  7. Again add little curd to it, with that sprinkle salt, red chilli powder & jeera powder as per your taste.
  8. Now you can garnish it with fresh fruits like pomegranate, grapes, banana & apple. You can also put some small cubes of paneer on it.
  9. Like this our Dahi bhalla is ready to serve in just 2 minutes.

Serve these dahi bhalle straight away, you can’t store them.

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