As a food blogger there are a few rules about disclaiming what goes on around here.  In the spirit of that I thought I’d write a whole page on my feelings on certain topics in case you’re interested.  Whenever I am writing a sponsored post or whenever I received something for free I will place a small disclaimer on the post as well, if you’re wondering.

Copywrite Information

All original content is copyright by Indian Food Pedia including all photos unless otherwise stated.  Please do not reproduce any content without permission.  Please contact me at info@indianfoodpedia.com if you’d like to use any pictures or other content.

If you’d like to share a recipe originally from my site, please do!  But please also give me credit if I originally made the recipe.  Thank you!  I love that you want to pin my recipes and posts to Pinterest or post them on your tumblr.  Go ahead and pin any photos that you want or add my photos to your tumblr, but please do not copy my post or my recipe into the pin or tumblr post and be sure that the pictures links back to Indian Food Pedia.  Thank you!

Sponsors and Advertisements

If you have noticed in the side bar I have a section for “sponsors”.  This means if you click on something there, I may get a small percentage of your purchase if you make one, or I may get a very small amount per click.  The other ads, such as the ones at the top of the page and the Google ads at the bottom of the side bar are chosen by the ad companies and I do not have a say over their content.  If anything is offensive, please contact me by email at info@indianfoodpedia.com and I will have them removed.


Sometimes a company will offer to sponsor a giveaway, to give Indian Food Pedia readers some of their product to try.  If I like the product I love being able to share some with you!  These products are always free to you.  If you’re curious about my privacy policy when leaving a comment on my blog or when sending your mailing information after winning a giveaway, please read through my Privacy Policy page!